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Chocolate Specialities

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    • Pistachio Soft Italian Nougat
      Indulge yourself and loved ones in this soft Italian nougat ... made from a traditional recipe that has been meticulously passed down through 3 generations, and born in the province of Bergamo, in Caravaggio, Italy. This...

    • Dark Chocolate Marzipan Cuvettes
      BELGIAN MARZIPAN CUVETTES ... marzipan, a treasured jewel for caliphs and royalty! Dating back to the Middle Ages, marzipan was a speciality, exclusively reserved for kings and rulers. The exquisite combination of molten...

    • Chocolate Dipped Fruit Duo
      Indulge in the deliciousness of these zesty fruits ... juicy, sweet, exquisite. A sumptuous double set of glazed orange & lemon slices, delicately dipped in the richness of smooth, dark Belgian chocolate. Beautifully...

    • Belgian Chocolate Mendiants
      Lustrous and deliciously smooth ‘mendiants’ of dark, milk & white Belgian chocolate, studded with an array of crunchy walnuts and hazelnuts, plump juicy currants and sultana raisins. These traditional and...

    • Provencal Collection
      Indulge in a journey celebrating the delectable TASTES OF PROVENCE ... Francois Doucet is famous for capturing the flavours of sun drenched Provence with his mouthwatering confections, featuring family recipes that have been...

    • Salted Caramel Truffles
      Meltingly delicious ... these Swiss style bittersweet cocoa dusted truffles, with their oozing liquid salted caramel centres, are quite simply 'heaven in a box'! Fifteen truffles presented in a smart gift box and...

    • NEW ... Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger
      DARK CHOCOLATE COATED GINGER ...delicious & healthy all in one … superb chunks of glazed ginger enrobed with deliciously rich dark chocolate.   Slices of young freshly peeled ginger root are gently boiled...

    • Limoncello, Caribbean Sunset & Mojito Cocktail Liqueur Selection
      Contemporary indulgence with a twist … A fantastic selection of 60% dark chocolate coated pearls filled with shots of zesty Limoncello, romantic Caribbean Sunset & cool, crisp Mojito Cocktail Liqueurs. Yet another...

    • Dark & Milk Belgian Chocolate Orangettes
      Lucious and juicy zests of fresh candied orange peel dipped in delicious Belgian milk & bittersweet dark chocolate. The perfect indulgence for lovers of excellent chocolate and candied orange, these bite-sized treats...

    • Raspberry and Chocolate Italian Nougat
      This soft Italian nougat provides the ultimate Continental experience ... made from a recipe that has been meticulously passed down through 3 generations, and born in the province of Bergamo, in Caravaggio, Italy. This ...

    • All Milk Belgian Chocolate Assortment
      An indulgent selection of twenty one all Milk Belgian Chocolates. Mouth watering fillings include an array of traditional flavoured pralines, velvety smooth creme brules, exquisite almond florentines, oozing milk caramels...

    • Marron Glace
      The magic of these traditional Marron Glaces stem both from their source and delicate treatment ... only about 10 out of over 80 varieties of chestnuts found in the exquisite Spanish Galician Forests, pass the test for...


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