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Dark Chocolate Marzipan Cuvettes

  • Dark Chocolate Marzipan Cuvettes

BELGIAN MARZIPAN CUVETTES … marzipan, a treasured jewel for caliphs and royalty!

Dating back to the Middle Ages, marzipan was a speciality, exclusively reserved for kings and rulers.

The exquisite combination of molten cane sugar, finest finely ground almonds and a touch of vanilla extract, produces the soft, smooth marzipan that is now, thankfully, largely available the world over.

Extra flavourings from hazelnuts, pistachios, framboise & deep rich coffee, come together with tempered dark Callebaut chocolate to produce the harmonious marriage of delicious flavours found in these delectable bite size cuvettes.

Fifteen marzipans are presented in a classic gift box and finished with a hand tied Amelie satin ribbon and your personalized message.