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Special Occasion Favours

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Whether you’re having a beautiful wedding, hosting a glorious dinner party or simply having a friendly get-together, you’ll want your friends and family to leave feeling utterly spoiled and indulged.

Our favours come in various flavours and sizes, perfectly finished with prim and clean packaging. Whether you’re looking for many small boxes, each with four exquisite tasting chocolates inside, or a larger box of fifteen incredible, luxurious traditional Belgian chocolates, there’s a luxury selection for every occasion.

Some of the delicious fillings include the likes of traditional nutty pralines, tiramisu ganache, chocolate feuilletine, almond marzipan, and florentine cups. Our Provencal Collection features stunning family recipes of Grains de Raisins, Marion Lait, Les Calades and Les Café de Provence. Each one is a complex hit of flavours combining and contrasting to make truly incredible confectionary. The textures and intermingling tastes are equally exotic and homely and utterly, utterly moreish.

These boxes may be small but they certainly double their weight in flavour. There’s as much care and attention to detail in each of these favours as there is in any of our bigger selections, so know that you can give these gifts with total confidence in their quality and flavour.