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Alcohol-Free Chocolate

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If you’re a lover of chocolate but can’t stand the taste of alcohol, you’re still good to try our special alcohol-free range and alcohol-free selection boxes.

The selection box is a collection of traditional Belgian chocolates that are smooth and delicious, but totally alcohol-free and retaining all that great variety and flavour. The thirty chocolate pieces range from zingy orange ganache to nutty pralines; almond marzipans to caramels. The range of taste and texture is as wide and exotic as any of our other boxes, and we’re really proud to have an extensive selection that’s perfect for those avoiding alcoholic products.

You can take a look at all of our alcohol-free products, from chocolates to ginger glaces, almond nougats and more, or go right ahead and take a taste of our supreme, high-quality, thirty-piece alcohol-free Belgian chocolate selection here.