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Health Benefits Of Ginger And Chocolate

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In last week’s blog we showed you some of the health benefits that chocolate has, and a little bit of the research that’s gone into it. To coincide with that, and our zingy, pungent and delicious Glazed & Crystallised Ginger Cubes, we thought we’d talk about the health benefits of ginger and chocolate.

Both have incredible flavour. Chocolate gets its great cardiovascular perks from its cocoa, and while it is held back by some of the additives – especially those of low quality – ginger is a different story.

There’s research to suggest that ginger can do all kinds of miraculous things to our bodies: everything from killing cancer cells to lowering blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood fats. It’s has some amazing anti-biotic properties and some of the strongest, most effective gastric benefits.

In fact, it’s ginger’s effects on digestive health that are probably the most significant. Not only can it ease pain, such as in stomach aches or indigestion, but it can also help with slow digestion and help your stomach regain a healthy and well balanced level of functioning.

Together, ginger and chocolate are a heart and gastric health boosting double team. The sugar and cocoa butter in chocolate are, sadly, not quite so healthy, but dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% or more, or even just cocoa dustings, can be a great addition to anything sweet and ginger. For instance, you could make ginger and dark chocolate cupcakes, or have our Dark Chocolates Selection with our incredible Glazed & Crystallised Ginger Cubes!