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Pairing Chocolate With Wine

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The combined bitter, sweet, fruity and occasionally acidic tastes in chocolate give it a really deep, indulgent flavour. When combining with wines, the result can be even deeper, rich and aromatic, but to achieve this, the wine you’re accompanying the chocolate with needs to be suitably as intense as the chocolate you’re using. Here are just a few tips for sampling wines with our chocolates:

  • 1.)    A basic rule of pairing foods with wine is to have a dish that’s no sweeter than the wine you’re sampling it with. This will probably require a little pre-emptive tasting before the main event, but it’s worth doing and not much of a hardship
  • 2.)    Do aim to get a very decent chocolate for the tasting. Ours are great, but if you want to try something else, make sure the manufacturing is of an impeccable standard and its origins are clear.
  • 3.)    As with most food and wine tasters, the general, basic rule is have a darker wine for darker chocolate. So, a red wine is far more likely to suit dark chocolates. If you’re using a white wine to go with white or light milk chocolate, try to find a fruity, intense variety to match the sweet, eclectic mix of flavours in the lighter chocolates.
  • 4.)    Just like the chocolate, the wine needs to be smooth and silky. Look for wines with soft, rounded tannins to accentuate the luxury.
  • 5.)    Look for strong, full-bodied wines if pairing with a chocolate desert or very heavy chocolates.
  • 6.)    Remember to always taste from light to dark. Sample your white chocolates and wines together first, then move onto light milk chocolate, medium chocolate, and finally, dark and bitter chocolates.
  • 7.)    Experiment! These tips are literally just that – tips. They’re guidelines, and the pairing of chocolate and wine is known to vary wildly on different palettes. It’s great to try mixing up the rules and seeing what you really like the most. Could be interesting! Could be something to play around with at a dinner party, too! Give it a try next time you’re enjoying a sweet treat and you have a nice wine to feast with.

You can see our full range of chocolates on our main site, but take a look at our selection boxes for variety in chocolate and diversity in the exotic flavour combinations. They might give you some inspiration as to where you could start.