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Mother’s Day Chocolate Gifts

  • Mother's Day Truffles

As much as we should give our mums recognition for all their hard work every day of the year, sometimes we need Mother’s Day to remind us, and give us an excuse to do something really special.

Whether you’re planning a big celebration or just making a subtle but thoughtful hint, our chocolates are designed to express care, thoughtfulness, thanks and appreciation. Chocolate is a common Mother’s Day present, but, as with all our selections, we aim to instil some of the real meaning and sincere emotions that come with the event. We pride ourselves on exotic, diverse flavours, creative and considered designs, and above all, exquisite quality and taste. We hope our chocolates can help you say thank you and more this Mother’s Day, and we really hope your mum loves them as much as we do.

Take a look through our range here, and see which one suits you and your mum best. Majestic champagne truffles, perhaps, or exciting strawberry ones? Unique and indulgent raspberry and vanilla Belgian almond nougat? Or a more traditional white chocolate selection? We’ve got a diverse and creative range with love in every box.