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About White Chocolate

  • White Chocolate

Soft, smooth and deliciously creamy…

White chocolate is, for the most part, dismissed by connoisseurs as not being real chocolate and is said, because it contains no cocoa solids (or cocoa liquor), to only vaguely resemble chocolate.

It does, however, have its own delicious, creamy and different flavour, and remains extremely popular, with a serious and committed following.

White chocolate is made with cocoa butter, sugar and milk and as cocoa butter is one of the main ingredients of the cocoa bean, white chocolate, with its very appealing smooth texture and ivory appearance, should be allowed to take its righful place in the world of chocolate.

Like its milk and dark counterparts, its cocoa butter content provides it with the unique quality of having a melting point that matches, almost exactly, our body temperature, thus allowing it to start melting the moment you put it on your tongue … an infinitely satisfying and luxurious sensation!

White chocolate is made by combining approximately 20% cocoa butter with milk solids and sugar. It is flavoured, mostly, with vanilla, however it successfully lends itself to many other flavours as well.

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