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About Milk Chocolate

  • Milk Chocolate

richly seductive & velvety smooth

Milk chocolate, decadent and delicious, remains, unsurprisingly, the most popular variety of chocolate in the world!

The production of milk chocolate, as we know it today, was first perfected in Switzerland in 1875 when sweetened condensed milk, instead of water, was added to chocolate, resulting in a much sweeter, smoother taste than dark chocolate. Milk chocolate quickly became popular and the chocolate variety of choice.

Luxurious and velvety smooth, it starts to melt the moment you put it on your tongue. This is because good milk chocolate has the unique quality of having a melting point that matches, almost exactly, our body temperature.

What makes good milk chocolate?
It’s all to do with the percentage of cocoa solids used in the making of the chocolate. Cocoa solids, also known as cocoa liquor, is the dry, powdery, non-fat component of the ground cocoa beans, and is what gives chocolate its characteristic aroma, flavour and colour. Good quality milk chocolate should contain no less than 30% cocoa solids. When the percentage of cocoa solids in milk chocolate is reduced, more fat and sugar need to be added to compensate for the reduced flavour.

The fatty component of the ground cocoa beans is cocoa butter, and is what provides chocolate with its smoothness and low melting point.

We, at Amelie chocolat, pride ourselves on never compromising on quality. By sourcing our milk chocolates from some of the best chocolatiers across Europe, we are able to offer our customers a minimum 30% guarantee.

So why not try our superb Amelie Milk Chocolate Selection or Champagne Truffle Selection for a truly sensational milk chocolate experience!