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What Is Couverture Chocolate?

Couverture chocolate is a chocolate that’s made with a much higher percentage of cocoa butter – at least 30%. The word ‘couverture’ is French and roughly translates to English as ‘covering’ or ‘coating’. Due to the high volume of cocoa butter and chocolate liquor, it’s couverture chocolate that confectioners use to coat their chocolates.

Why can’t […]

Amelie Chocolat’s Chocolate Points

There are few things better than chocolate, but one of them is definitely free chocolate. And with our Chocolate Points, we’re offering you just that.

Every time you buy a sweet treat from us while logged into your account, we’ll award you points. Precisely one point per pound you spend. These will stack up until you’re […]

Savoury Chocolate

As much as we love chocolate for its sweet, aromatic desserts and candies, even we can’t deny its delicate savoury flavours. From chocolate pasta to chocolate sauces for chicken, and more. It’s occasionally used by contemporary chefs as an extravagant and flavoursome emulsifier in pan sauces and wine reductions – adding depth and intensifying the […]

Corporate Gifts from Amelie Chocolat

When it comes to important clients it can be difficult to select the right gift. You need something that incorporates professionalism, excellence and thoughtfulness in one unique package. Something that’s boxed carefully and with style, and that serves a premium function.

Our chocolates are our passion. Each one is uniquely designed, prepared and delivered with the […]

Chocolate Gifts For Men

Buying gifts for men can be really difficult sometimes. Whether it’s your partner, your brother, your father or even your male boss, it can be really difficult to give a gift that they’ll definitely love, while also getting the tone right.

Let’s face it though – everyone loves chocolate.

We have a collection of chocolates that we […]

Pairing Chocolate With Wine


The combined bitter, sweet, fruity and occasionally acidic tastes in chocolate give it a really deep, indulgent flavour. When combining with wines, the result can be even deeper, rich and aromatic, but to achieve this, the wine you’re accompanying the chocolate with needs to be suitably as intense as the chocolate you’re using. Here are […]

Tempered Chocolate


In relation to last week’s blog about how chocolate snaps, we thought we’d give a more intricate, detailed look at why this happens and what differentiates high-quality chocolate from low-grade chocolate on closer inspection.

On a chemical level, chocolate is made up of crystals. There’s six, to be precise, and of them the most desirable crystals […]

The Chocolate Snap

A great way of knowing what kind of quality chocolate you’re eating or cooking with is by listening to the ‘snap’.

Sounds a bit weird, right? Well, when you break a piece of quality chocolate between your fingers you should be able to hear a definite snap – the higher the quality, the sharper the sound. […]

Easter Chocolate and Easter Eggs


Hi all! This is just a short blog post to let you know about our delivery options and the different Easter chocolate we provide. You’ve probably seen our Easter eggs already, but there’s a few more additions to the page, including a big bag of great value praline ‘speckled gull eggs’, our Superb Easter Eggs […]

The Best Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Joyeuses Pâques! Easter is nearly upon us. Imagine. The leaves are on the trees, the sun is shining, the ducks are in the stream, the bunnies are in the field. There are trestle tables and baskets of marbled white Belgian chocolate fit for the goddess Eostre. Hand decorated chocolate ducks. Deliciously smooth hazelnut praline. Divine. […]