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Chocolate Marzipan

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Like Marmite, there’s always been a love/hate relationship with marzipan. The velvety almond paste is sweet and delicious to some, but way too sickly for others.

Recently, however, an influx of readily-available continental marzipan has changed all of this. With a higher percentage of higher quality almonds going into the mix, marzipan varieties have become much more delicious.

The sweetness comes in a deep, nutty flavour instead of that old, cheap, sickly-sweet over-richness. The texture is improved with a smooth, silky finish as opposed to that gritty hardness we all know from the low-end marzipan varieties.

Our marzipan is made to our exacting standards, just like all our other products. As such, it goes without saying that the almond paste has a much higher percentage of actual almonds. The quality of these almonds is superb and they’re freshly ground, and instead of using cheap sugars we blend our softly ground nuts with delicious molten cane sugar.

The result is a smooth marzipan treat that melts in the mouth and offers a depth of flavour you won’t have tasted in an almond paste candy before – a delicate balance that never comes close to being sickly.

You can have a browse through our marzipan collection or take a look at our special twenty-one piece chocolate marzipan selection box, which is flavoured with pistachios, tropical fruits, cassata and much more, all enrobed with our traditional Belgian chocolate in dark, milk and white.