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Amelie Chocolat Blog

Autumnal Chocolate Selection Box

We’ve had a great summer and now, sadly, it’s coming to a close. The trees are growing golden red; that fresh leafy green dissipating slowly away, and the winds are picking up, getting harsher.

While it may be getting much colder around here, and winter is surely on its way, there’s no reason not to relax […]

Nuts about Nuts!

If you’re a fan of nuts, our incredible new chocolate and nuts selection box is absolutely perfect for you. There’s an incredible and varied blend of flavours but all are nutty, rich and supreme.

The box of thirty unique and exquisite chocolates include hazelnut pralines and traditional chocolate brazils, praline swirls and crunchy korkant praline. Everything […]

Chocolate Marzipan

Like Marmite, there’s always been a love/hate relationship with marzipan. The velvety almond paste is sweet and delicious to some, but way too sickly for others.

Recently, however, an influx of readily-available continental marzipan has changed all of this. With a higher percentage of higher quality almonds going into the mix, marzipan varieties have become much […]