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Truffles, Truffles, Truffles!

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Unless you’re a true truffle veteran, you could be forgiven for thinking all truffles are the same. It’s not the case though, with different regions making their truffles in all sorts of unique and delicious methods.

The first truffle was thought to be created in Chambéry, France in December, 1895. The Prestat chocolate shop in London still sells these as made to the original recipe – they’re called Napoleon IIIs and have been on sale since 1905.

To date, there are several kinds of truffles. The American truffle is half-egg shaped and chocolate-coated. It’s a mixed of dark or milk chocolates with butterfat and, occasionally, hardened coconut oil. There’s a Canadian version of this truffle that’s known as the Harvey truffle, which includes graham cracker crumbs and peanut butter.

The European truffle is made with syrup and has a base of cocoa powder, milk powder, fats and other such ingredients to create an oil-in-water type emulsion. The French truffle is made with fresh cream and chocolate before being rolled into cocoa or nut powder.

Belgian truffles, or praline, are made with dark or milk chocolate filled with ganache, buttercream or even nut pastes, like Gianjuda.

Swiss truffles are made by combining melted chocolate into a mixture of boiling cream and butter, before being poured into moulds and left to set. They’re then sprinkled with cocoa powder. Like French truffles, these traditional Swiss-made ones are extremely fresh and must be consumed fairly quickly. It’s this Swiss method that our own Swiss truffle selection is made from.

Vegan truffles can have any shape, flavour or method, but they’re adapted to replace any dairy with nut milks and butter.

Our truffle range is expansive, including just about all of these regions and their delicacies. Each traditional method is kept authentic in the making of our products and we aim for nothing short of perfection. You can take a look at all the flavours for yourself, but do look at some of our exceptional Strawberry Champagne Truffles or the fantastic selection box of Swiss Truffles. We have fruity French Truffles and so much more, all made to our exacting standards and crafted with our carefully sourced, rich and flavoursome ingredients.