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Cherry Chocolate

If you’re a lover of cherries and chocolate then, wow, do we have an exciting selection for you!

Our cherry chocolates are rich and boozy with sublime flavour fillings. From plump kirsch-soaked cherries in a bed of thick dark chocolate ganache to amarena cherries in amaretto fondant cream. All enrobed in our hallmark Belgian chocolate that’s velvety smooth, rich and delicious. As each chocolate hits your palette the thick Belgian chocolate coating melts like thick, smooth cream and an explosion of tangy and potent cherry flavour erupts.

We have traditional red foiled cherry liqueurs and more in this cherry-packed flavour-bomb. Our exceptional standards for quality chocolate mean that the dark Belgian chocolate that coats each of these chocolates is at least 50% cocoa and we never settle for anything less. This is how we maintain our hallmark quality dark Belgian chocolate and never get a chocolate that isn’t complete luxury.

This cherry chocolate selection box is presented in our classic gift box that fits easily through most letterboxes and is finished with a neat Amelie ribbon to certify its quality. Take a good look at this flavour sensation and see if you don’t fancy a rich, cherry-filled day of luxury chocolate.