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Continental Champagne Truffles

  • Champagne Truffles

Summer is surely a time of indulgence. In the evening there’s very few things better than watching the sun set over a long hot day and sipping champagne in the garden. But it doesn’t need to be champagne.

The hot sun reminds us of more exotic places, of far away lands where the evening sky glows red and the rivers flow clear and fresh. So surely Summer is the best time to try new things, to make changes to the usual ebb and flow of working and relaxing?

Our champagne truffles are the perfect treat for sitting out with friends or family and watching the sun set. Maybe after a delicious barbecue or a Summer fair. Enjoy the sweet, exotic flavour and watch the sun melt over the horizon as the chocolate melts over your tongue. Wait as the natural, fresh ingredients burst into life, releasing a luxury sweet chocolatey taste that turns from solid to liquid with your body temperature.

Our chocolates are all made to our perfect, exacting standards and we’re proud to say that we can promise absolute luxury chocolate. Chocolates that are made in the traditional methods and carry a traditional, rich flavour. Chocolates that have a strong, exotic aroma and powerful, fresh and carefully sourced ingredients. We put all of our love into our chocolates, and we hope that you will love them back.