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Chunky Fruity Nougat

  • Nougat


It’s hot! Really, really hot and as much as we love chocolate, in this weather it just melts and melts. If ever there was a time for fruity, zesty almond nougat, this is it.

The Summer sun can dry the tongue and often all you want is a nice, juicy taste. Fruity and superbly flavoured are our tangy almond nougats, the perfect sweet treat for this hot weather. They’re a medley of goji berry, lemon, cranberry and raspberry. Each thick cuboid chunk is made with only the very finest sugars and nuts, the purest honeys and most exotic, flavourful and delicious vanilla.

This nougat really is exceptional, made to the same timeless traditional family recipe but adding new and exciting hints of exotic flavours and deep, moreish delights.

Each box of nougat comes in a wooden create with one of our Amelie ribbons wrapped around it, and we hope that you love it as much as we do. Summer is a wonderful time of year but one where chocolate won’t always suffice. Let’s celebrate the flavours of fruit and nuts by combining them in an indulgent treat and relax! Sit outside in the sunshine with a fruity wine, perhaps, and enjoy a picnic with friends or family, handing our this special confection.