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Amelie Chocolat Blog

Gluten-Free Chocolates

If you suffer from coeliac disease, or are looking to cut down on your gluten intake for other reasons, our new gluten-free range offers you some of our finest chocolates without your having to worry. We’ve worked hard to provide a safe section for those with a gluten intolerance and we’re pleased to say we […]

Continental Champagne Truffles

Summer is surely a time of indulgence. In the evening there’s very few things better than watching the sun set over a long hot day and sipping champagne in the garden. But it doesn’t need to be champagne.

The hot sun reminds us of more exotic places, of far away lands where the evening sky glows […]

Chunky Fruity Nougat


It’s hot! Really, really hot and as much as we love chocolate, in this weather it just melts and melts. If ever there was a time for fruity, zesty almond nougat, this is it.

The Summer sun can dry the tongue and often all you want is a nice, juicy taste. Fruity and superbly flavoured are […]

Health Benefits Of Ginger And Chocolate

In last week’s blog we showed you some of the health benefits that chocolate has, and a little bit of the research that’s gone into it. To coincide with that, and our zingy, pungent and delicious Glazed & Crystallised Ginger Cubes, we thought we’d talk about the health benefits of ginger and chocolate.

Both have incredible […]