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What Is Couverture Chocolate?

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Couverture chocolate is a chocolate that’s made with a much higher percentage of cocoa butter – at least 30%. The word ‘couverture’ is French and roughly translates to English as ‘covering’ or ‘coating’. Due to the high volume of cocoa butter and chocolate liquor, it’s couverture chocolate that confectioners use to coat their chocolates.

Why can’t you just use any chocolate to coat confectionary? Well, you can, but the quality in both appearance and taste wouldn’t match up. Cocoa butter is that magical thing in chocolate; it’s a fat unlike any other. While it stays solid and hard at room temperature, as soon as it hits your mouth cocoa butter begins that amazing, luxurious transition to a velvety smooth, tongue-snuggling liquid. It is cocoa butter that gives chocolate this incredible melt-in-the-mouth ability that it’s so renowned for, and that’s unrivalled by any other food. The added cocoa butter and chocolate liquor means that couverture chocolate is particularly smooth and spreads equally. Any candy that’s coated with it will have a perfect glossy sheen and smooth texture. It’s the cherry on top of any sweet’s cake.

Even the greatest of cocoa bean solids – like the finest and rarest grand cru cocoa bean solids – would be nothing without cocoa butter.

In addition to all this, couverture chocolate pours more easily and firms up to have a superior snap. What we told you about well-tempered chocolate in a previous blog post could be demonstrated perfectly by couverture chocolate. While it isn’t made for the single purpose of being a ‘high quality chocolate’, as some believe, the methods through which it’s made and the percentages of its ingredients mean that couverture chocolate is almost always of an impeccable standard.

Feel free to browse through our selection boxes and sample some of this fine chocolate for yourself. Like couverture chocolate itself, our chocolates are made of utmost quality. We source our ingredients from the best chocolatiers we can find and they’re crafted in the traditional Belgian methods, retaining their great depth of flavour and aromatics. For more information, news and blogs, follow us on Facebook or feel free to call 0845 257 0645 for answers to any queries.