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Savoury Chocolate

  • Candied Orange

As much as we love chocolate for its sweet, aromatic desserts and candies, even we can’t deny its delicate savoury flavours. From chocolate pasta to chocolate sauces for chicken, and more. It’s occasionally used by contemporary chefs as an extravagant and flavoursome emulsifier in pan sauces and wine reductions – adding depth and intensifying the flavour of its fellow ingredients. It’s a hearty addition to various meat dishes too, that bitterness of intense, dark cocoa refining a dish and adding a new layer to the palette.

It’s also a key ingredient in one of the most respected ceremonial dishes in Mexico: turkey covered in mole sauce. The mole sauce being comprised of dark cocoa and one of its natural best friends, chili.

If you’re hosting a dinner party and want to try something different, adding the luxurious intensity of chocolate to a main course or a starter is definitely something to try. Why keep such a magnificent ingredient to one part of a meal? Why confine it to desserts and sweets?

At Amelie, we’re always experimenting with our chocolate, discovering new flavour combinations and improving the traditional ones. Exploring every aspect of it, from its velvety smoothness as a liquid fondant to its luxury and class as a little treat. From combining it with barbecued sausages or enjoying a traditional Easter egg. Chocolate is magnificent and versatile and something we think everyone should enjoy in its many forms.

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