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Is Chocolate Good For You?

We’ve all heard about how chocolate is bad for you; fattening, sugary and it has caffeine. But we rarely get to know about all the positive effects chocolate can have on your health, and there’s a lot to know.

Dark chocolate has a lot of special effects on the body – everything from reducing stress to […]

What Is Couverture Chocolate?

Couverture chocolate is a chocolate that’s made with a much higher percentage of cocoa butter – at least 30%. The word ‘couverture’ is French and roughly translates to English as ‘covering’ or ‘coating’. Due to the high volume of cocoa butter and chocolate liquor, it’s couverture chocolate that confectioners use to coat their chocolates.

Why can’t […]

Amelie Chocolat’s Chocolate Points

There are few things better than chocolate, but one of them is definitely free chocolate. And with our Chocolate Points, we’re offering you just that.

Every time you buy a sweet treat from us while logged into your account, we’ll award you points. Precisely one point per pound you spend. These will stack up until you’re […]

Savoury Chocolate

As much as we love chocolate for its sweet, aromatic desserts and candies, even we can’t deny its delicate savoury flavours. From chocolate pasta to chocolate sauces for chicken, and more. It’s occasionally used by contemporary chefs as an extravagant and flavoursome emulsifier in pan sauces and wine reductions – adding depth and intensifying the […]