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Why Chocolate On Valentine’s Day…?

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Ever since chocolate was discovered it’s been considered valuable, lustrous and divine. First found amongst the ancient tribes of Mexico and Central America, including the Incas, Aztecs and Mayans, chocolate was originally thought to be a food of the gods. They mixed cacao seeds with seasonings and made a frothy, spiced beverage called Chocolatl. It was reported that Emperor Montezuma of the Aztec Indians drank fifty or more portions of Chocolatl daily, but the Spanish found the drink bitter and distasteful during their exploration and conquest of Mexico. To make it more palatable to European tongues, they added cane sugar. However, in 1519, Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez – although fascinated by chocolatl and its implied connection to the gods – noted that the tribes used cocoa as a kind of currency, and established a cocoa plantation for the purpose of cultivating money.

The first modern chocolate candies as we know them today weren’t invented until 1860, when the Cadbury brothers set up shop. They marketed the very first chocolates in a heart-shaped box for Valentine’s Day too, but they probably never predicted just how ingrained the giving of chocolates would be in Valentine’s Day tradition.

The regal history of chocolate and the cocoa beans naturally ties to its majestic taste – a deep, rich and extravagant luxury. So it just comes naturally to give as a gift of love -another divine experience in itself.

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