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About Chocolate Truffles

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“Whosoever says truffle, utters a grand word, which awakens erotic and gastronomic ideas…”

Jean-Anthelem Brillat-Savarin (1755 – 1826)
French magistrate and gastronome

Chocolate, nowadays, is eaten world-wide in various solid forms such as chocolate bars, chocolate moulds, filled chocolates, cake decorations etc. However, possibly the most luxurious form of all is the chocolate truffle which, just like its highly prized namesake – the fungus – has become synonymous with luxury, decadence and the ultimate indulgence … hence the term, “sheer truffle bliss”.

A French invention of about eighty years, the basic nature of the truffle is its ganache centre, which is enrobed with a thin coating of dark, milk or white couverture. Ganache, essentially, is a combination of chocolate and cream, and can be flavoured with anything from fruits, nuts or cream to herbs or liqueurs. The couverture, which is a chocolate coating of guaranteed superior quality, provides a crisp ‘snap’ as you bite into the truffle, whilst the inner ganache holds its charm and remains intensely chocolaty and velvety smooth.

Chocolate, due to its cocoa butter component, has the unique quality of having a melting point that matches, almost exactly, our body temperature. This allows the truffle to start melting the moment you put it on your tongue, thus releasing a heady burst of flavours which gently explode into warm sensual liquids around your mouth.

We, at Amelie, consider good truffles to be the crème de la crème of chocolate confections. And so, we have gone for the very best!

The secret of our specialist chocolatier, lies in the careful choice of their ingredients … natural, fresh and definitely no preservatives! To guarantee the constant high quality couverture and chocolate, only the best ‘Criollo’ cocoa beans are used to create their unique blend.

Considered to be ‘the prince of cocoas’, Criollo is known as the original cocoa tree. Reserved for use in only the very finest chocolates, Criollo is the rarest and most expensive variety of cocoa and prized for its exceptional flavour and intense aroma.

High class liqueurs – for example our kirsch truffles contain pure kirsch liqueur from the Black Forest, superior nuts like freshly roasted macadamias and walnuts, natural fruits and exotic spicy infusions are used to create the vast array of our traditional, adventurous and yes … even mildly eccentric selections of truffles.

So why not try one of our superb collections. Choose from our 270g Traditional Continental Truffle Selection, our exquisite gift box of Champagne Truffles – sheer indulgence! – or our box of exotic Wacky Truffles which include amazing flavours such as raspberry and strawberry chilli, cardamom, wild cranberry, Campari orange and Vodka lime.

We wish you a truly sensational truffle experience!